How To Protect Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Photos

How To Protect Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Photos

iPhone photography represents without a doubt an arising art. More and more people are inclined to resort to their smart phone to take pictures, whether we’re talking about landscape, street and day-to-day scene, food or portrait shots. Why? Because, by using the iPhone’s camera to its full potential and by doing a little bit of editing afterwards, you can get truly outstanding photos. And the best part, you can instantly share them with your friends and followers.

This is a new trend even businesses have learned to embrace, since it allows them to broaden their perspectives by tapping into new markets and audiences. Capturing high-quality photos with the iPhone and easily sharing them on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is definitely great for businesses, professional or amateur photographers and all users, but there’s also an issue to consider.

Sharing great-looking pics with large audiences makes them susceptible to theft and this is where you need to take appropriate measures. One of the solutions is to discover how to watermark photos and hence increase your protection against theft.

Why watermark your photos

Applying a watermark to your iPhone photos can turn out to be a beneficial strategy for two main reasons.

First and foremost, it can help you protect your original images against theft. Once you watermark your pictures with a logo or a name, you clearly state that those represent your intellectual property and can be used only with your prior consent.

Second of all, a watermark can help you advertise your work. If one of your photos goes viral and you have applied a watermark on it with your name or your company’s name, you’ll not only get the proper credit, but also increase your online visibility, drive traffic to your website and attract prospects.

Why use a watermark app

The main benefit of using an iPhone watermark app consists in saving considerable amount of time and energy. You no longer have to transfer your photos onto your laptop or PC and use a software to process them. Once you take a snapshot, you can immediately watermark it and then upload it online directly from your iPhone. So if you care about your original images and wish to safeguard them, there are apps built to serve exactly this purpose, like PhotoMarks for instance.

PhotoMarks makes it very easy for you to add watermarks to pictures and to share them on your favorite social media platforms. You can easily apply text, as well as logo watermarks to your photos before uploading them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or before sharing them via email. And since full customization options are placed at your disposal, you can quickly create a watermark that entirely matches your preferences.

If you’re working with logo watermarks, you can position them exactly where you want with just a couple of taps, you are free to adjust the transparency or apply a shadow effect for a more appealing look. On the other hand, if you prefer text marks, you get complete power to customize the size, font and color, tweak the transparency or add special effects like shadow or stroke.

The best part is that you’ll be working on multiple layers, which means you can make as many edits as you want, undo as many actions as you need without affecting the original photo.

File an official complaint if necessary

Unfortunately there is no protection method against image theft that is bulletproof. Even if you insert a symbol, logo or text clearly indicating that the image is your intellectual property, it still may be possible you become victim of copyright infringement. If this happens and someone begins using one of your pictures without your consent, it’s advisable to address to the appropriate authority.

Of course, as a first measure, you can try to get in touch with the person that’s illegally using your artwork and ask him to remove it. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to move forward. Collect as much evidence of the infringement as possible (screenshots in particular) and take action against the offender.

Every major social networking site has a section where you can go and report a violation of your copyrights. So if someone has stolen one of your photos, don’t waste any more time and file a complaint with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform.