How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once

How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once

Photos play a vital role in the online environment, there’s no question about it. We resort to photos to convey a brand story or message, to display and sell products, to deliver information in a quick way, to create eye-catching content on our blogs and on social media and increase engagement. Of course, in order to come up with quality visual content, we need to use professionally-looking, properly sized images.

Why Do You Need to Reduce Photo Size

There are several reasons why you need to reduce the size of your pictures.

Photos can have a direct impact on your website/blog, more precisely on its speed. If you upload big, high-resolution image files, you’ll consume more bandwidth and implicitly increase the loading time. Nobody wants to stay on a page that takes forever to load. It can cause frustration and determine visitors to leave your website. Reducing the image size will improve the page loading speed, which is an important Google ranking factor, and provide a great user experience.

Photos need to be properly sized not only for your website or blog, but also for your favorite social networks. Why? Because platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have specific size specifications. If you don’t adjust your photos to the right dimensions, you’ll end up with blurry or distorted content. At the same time, having a smaller file size can help you quickly share your images with family and friends and save important storage space on your computer.

Batch Resize Pictures in Just 3 Steps

Resizing your images is a necessary step, it’s clear. But how do you do it? Well, in case you’re dealing with a large collection of photos, the best solution is to opt for a tool with batch processing capabilities, such as our very own PhotoMarks.

PhotoMarks is a PC and Mac photo editor that can help you easily resize multiple images at once. The app is intuitively designed as a three-step wizard: add your files in the first step, apply the desired filter in the second and choose your configuration in the last step. Here’s how simple it is:

Step 1

In the first step simply load the pictures you wish to resize. You can drag & drop them, add individual pictures by clicking on the Add Photos button, as well as add an entire folder with subfolders by cling on the Add button.

How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once

Step 2

In the second step, you get to edit your images by taking advantage of the filters available. In order to change the size of your photos, just go to Add Filter > Transform > Resize.

Then type in the new dimensions for the width and/or height, in pixels or percentage. You can preserve the original aspect ratio and also select to not upscale photos that are already smaller than the specified dimensions. Hit the OK button when you’re done.

How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once

In addition to resizing, PhotoMarks offers other useful features. The tool places at your disposal options to watermark your images using a copyright text or logo, to rotate and crop, as well as decorate them with various borders and frames. It’s also worth mentioning that the app supports over 50 image formats, including RAW formats.

How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once

Step 3

In the last step you get to set up your final parameters before processing your files. You can select to preserve the original image format or choose a different output format. You can also set the destination of your images: there are options to save them on a local folder, send them via email, upload them to FTP or directly share them on Flickr.

How to Resize Multiple Photos at Once

And you’re done. All that’s left to do is hit the Process button. The tool will then proceed to apply the edits made to all your pictures.

Besides the batch processing feature, PhotoMarks is designed with another productivity-boosting option. The app gives you the possibility to save your commonly-used operations as Profiles and reuse them in other editing projects.

In case you’d like to give PhotoMarks a try, you can download the fully-featured trial version.