How to Crop your Photos on Mac/PC

How to Crop your Photos on Mac/PC

Image cropping is an important part of the entire editing process. This is an operation that can benefit your photography in multiple ways. Cropping can be used to remove unwanted objects or unnecessary details from a picture, to change the aspect ratio, to improve the overall composition or maintain the focus on the main subject.

Because it’s essential during the entire image editing process, the crop tool can be found in almost all photo editors, including the built-in solutions available on Mac and Windows. The built-in programs are fine if you’re looking for a quick fix, but if you want to have more control over the cropping process and enjoy additional useful features, it’s advisable to resort to a third-party app, such as for instance PhotoMarks.

Why PhotoMarks? Well, because it places at your disposal all the elements you need to crop images according to your preferences, because it’s super easy to use and because it can process dozens or hundreds of files at once. Here’s how to crop your photos in a simple and effective way.

Crop Multiple Photos in 3 Simple Steps

With PhotoMarks all you have to do is follow a three-step process: Add Photos, Edit Photos and Setup.

Step 1

As you’ve probably guessed it, the first step is where you load your pictures into the app. You can do this in various ways: use drag & drop, click the Add Photos button, add an entire folder or a folder with subfolders.

How to Crop your Photos on Mac/PC

Step 2

Once you’ve added the photos, you can move forward to the second step and begin cutting your pictures. Just click on Add Filter > Transform > Crop.

Now you have more options at your disposal. You can take advantage of the drag & drop interface and manually remove the desired parts from the image. If you’re looking for a precise cut, you can specify the new image coordinates in either pixels or percentage.

How to Crop your Photos on Mac/PC

In addition to cutting pictures, PhotoMarks gives you the possibility to further edit your images. The app allows you to add customizable text and logo marks, to optimize photos by rotating and resizing them, as well as graphically decorate them with frames and borders. At the same time, the tool offers support for a large variety of image formats, including RAW.

How to Crop your Photos on Mac/PC

Step 3

This is the last step of the editing process. Here’s where you select your final configuration. You can choose to save the new images on a folder on your computer, sent them via email, upload them to FTP or to Flickr. Next you can choose to keep the original image format or convert your photos to a different format.

How to Crop your Photos on Mac/PC

And that’s it. Once you’ve set the final parameters, click on the Process button and the program will automatically edit all your pictures.

PhotoMarks is an app focused on efficiency. Besides being able to batch edit images, the app comes with another useful feature to help you improve your workflow: the possibility to save your commonly-used operations as Profiles and just load them in future editing sessions. This way you won’t have to repeat the same editing steps over and over again.